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General Obligation Bond Election 2017 – Pavement Preservation Question

My fellow neighbors, we are a month away from the November 7 General Obligation Bond Election. As you may recall since August, I have utilized my monthly article to go over each of the three questions voters will be asked to decide. We began with the $34 million Public Safety Question that would fund six projects to address public safety needs. In September, we looked at the three road safety projects listed under the $15.5 million Traffic Congestion Mitigation Question, and this month we’ll explore the $10 million Pavement Preservation Question.

Citywide Pavement Preservation and Street Maintenance

Project Need: The city has more than 1,400 paved street-lane miles. The estimated full replacement value is approximately $773 million. The 2015 independent assessment of city streets revealed the network was showing deterioration over time. Council increased the annual pavement preservation program budget from $1.8 million to $4.5 million in FYs 2016-2018. While, the budget currently can provide for lower-cost maintenance treatments, it is not sufficient to fund major pavement restructuring of Bell Road, for example, from east of the bridge to Parkview. The National Center for Pavement Preservation shows that spending a dollar on maintenance pavement preservation can eliminate or delay spending $6 to $14 on future major reconstruction costs.

If approved: This project would provide funding to cover more expensive road reconstruction projects citywide, allowing the annual $4.5 million pavement preservation budget to pay for lower-cost street maintenance projects, such as crack-seal and micro-surfacing treatments which can extend a street’s service use by 7 – 10 years.

Project Cost: $10 million | Project timeline: Jan 2018 – Dec 2022

The Cost to You

Property taxes are determined by your property’s assessed value, not the market value. Surprise has a current primary property tax rate of $0.7591 per $100 of assessed property valuation. Currently the city does not have a secondary property tax. If any of the three proposed bond questions are voter approved, it would create a secondary property tax for the city. Any secondary property tax collections are required to be used to pay off the bond debt(s).

Should the Pavement Preservation question receive voter approval, the annual cost for a homeowner would be approximately $8 per $100,000 in Limited Property Value (LPV) for an anticipated 22 years, or $0.0763 per $100 in Assessed LPV. That’s approximately $0.66 per month, or $0.02 per day.

Follow These Steps To Determine The Property Tax For Your Home:

  1. Visit http://mcassessor.maricopa.gov/
  2. Enter property address in search box, and click on parcel number for details
  3. Scroll down to Valuation Information
  4. Find the “Assessed LPV”
  5. Divide “Assessed LPV” dollar amount by 100, then multiply that number by the $0.0763 rate

Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters beginning October 11. Voter registration closes on October 10 (County added a day, following the Columbus Day Holiday).

Since my last article, the County designated City Hall as a satellite voting site for this election. As a result the in-person voting dates have changed.

In-person replacement ballot voting and ballot drop-off NOW begins on October 28 – November 7, at the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 16000 N. Civic Center Plaza, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. That includes Saturday and Sunday voting. Voting hours on Election Day will be 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.

For more detailed information about the projects, costs and voting process please visit www.surpriseaz.gov/decidesurprise.