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District 2 Update – May 2019

Welcome to May! Summer will officially begin next month; however, we are already feeling the heat. During the summer months, water conservation is extremely important. Residents fear that we are running out of water when, in fact, the Southwest region of the United States has been in a drought for over 15 years.

While Arizona has managed the use of its water exceptionally well, one of the state’s water sources, the Colorado River, continues to produce less water. Whether or not these reduced levels are a snapshot in time or the new normal, the water from the Colorado has to be managed and preserved.

In late January, the State of Arizona approved the Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan (DCP). The DCP is a set of agreements designed to protect the Colorado River system through voluntary reductions and increased conservation. While DCP is not a permanent solution, when combined with Arizona’s innovative water management programs, conservation and collaborative long-term planning, Arizona will continue to enjoy reliable water supplies.

Water conservation is a priority of Epcor, as they are the largest private water utility in Arizona. Epcor carefully monitors and makes necessary repairs to their systems to ensure water is not wasted. Proper water management will help conserve water and save money. Epcor has recently signed an agreement with the Maricopa Water District that will add up to 5.87 billion gallons of renewable water supplies to their portfolio. This will strengthen the supply of surface and groundwater that can be offered to customers.

The City of Surprise is also dedicated to teaching water conservation to ensure residents have proper education on ways to use water wisely.

Please visit www.surpriseaz.gov/134/Water-Conservation for an array of water saving ideas, water saving plants, landscape watering guidelines and much more.

Friendly Reminders:

Recently, many concerns have been brought to my attention in regards to the driving in Sun City Grand. Sun City Grand residents are urged to obey traffic laws and restrictions. Please be mindful of your surroundings to help ensure a safe neighborhood!

City Hall will be CLOSED on May 27 in Observance of Memorial Day.

As always, I invite you to join me at one of my monthly meetings. I meet the second Wednesday of each month from 3 – 4 p.m. in the Arizona Traditions Classroom. Please ask the gate guard for directions upon arrival. Additionally, I meet the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Sun City Grand Palm Center – Mediterranean Room (19726 N. Remington Dr.) at 10 a.m. Please stop by and chat with me about what’s going on in the city!